Surya Software Systems Private Limited
Surya Software Systems Private Limited
Software Engineer
B.E/B.Tech [CSE/ ISE/ ECE] From 2022 batch with No Backlogs

What We're Looking For
• An unwavering attention to detail and care towards your work, Suryans double-check PRs they submit for review, Each variable name is thought through in detail; attention is paid towards how decisions made today will affect the future.
• An absolute commitment towards doing the best work of your life, while helping others to
do the same. We deliver with utmost focus on the job at hand. The team works towards
crafting the best products for our users, and customers. Working as a team, Suryans take on problems out of the original scope of their work if this results in a better end product.
• You should be comfortable working in an agile environment. You are also expected to
participate in code reviews—both receiving and offering them as needed. You are needed
to communicate flexibly with your team—pitching in on designs, features and ideas for the
product, wherever needed.
• You should be open to receiving and providing constructive feedback, with a relentless
pursuit of constant improvement.

What You Will Work On
The specific project you work on is decided based on the list of available projects at the time. While what you work on will change over time, we assure you that you’ll work with people who care deeply about their work and deliver with great attention to detail.

Your Growth at Surya
Surya’s growth is driven by ordinary people who have extraordinary dreams and are bold enough to pursue them. Our leadership team, including our Managing Director, is comprised primarily of people who joined Surya as freshers. Through our process of continuous feedback, and regular 1-1 conversations, we believe in upskilling our team, and enabling each of them to grow along paths they find satisfying.

Technologies We Work With
Some of the platforms we develop on, and technologies we work with regularly include:
1. Mobile
o iOS (Swift)
o Android (Kotlin)
o Flutter (Dart)
2. Web Services
o Kotlin
o C#
o Rust
3. Web Applications
o JavaScript (React JS, Vue JS, Ember JS)
o Python (Django, Flask)
o Java (Play, Spring Boot)
4.Data Processing
o Rust

Work Location: Bangalore 

For 1st 3 months: INR 10,000 Per Month (Internship/Probation/Training period)
Post 3 months: INR 7,00,000/- Per Annum
Bond: NA

Interview Mode: Virtual
Two Technical Interviews and a final HR round 
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About Us
Surya Software Systems Private Limited
Surya builds digital products, and helps companies with their digital transformation. Our clients are based in India, USA, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Surya was founded in 1999 by Mr. D.N. Prahlad (an early employee of Infosys),to create software products. Headquartered in Bangalore, we also have offices in the USA, and France.

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