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What is Corporate Employability Assessment Test – CEAT ?

CEAT is the Employability Assessment Test from that evaluates you on your Aptitude, Technical Skills and Communication Skills in a simulated environment based on Industry Standards.

CEAT helps you understand your Strengths and Weakness by assessing your skill-sets, improving your chances of getting hired by your dream companies.

Moreover, CEAT will automatically upgrade you to Premium Membership of through
which you are entitled to various Job Opportunities, Premium Jobs, Video Resume and all other

Why Recruiters Trust CEAT?

All our questions are handpicked by experts in Fresher Recruitment, with a wealth of experience in on-campus and off- campus recruitments, walk-ins etc.

Assessments are conducted in a hassle free environment, either online or offline

Makes you Industry-Ready and builds your confidence to face interviews

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@ Rs. 599/- Only

Please take the CEAT Test within 30 days.

CEAT Score is mandatory for some jobs and without a score you are not eligible to apply for the jobs.

CEAT Benefits

Helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, critical for getting selected in job interviews

We showcase your CV to employers looking for skill-sets that match yours

Increases your chances of getting Interview Calls as per your professional skills

Improves your confidence to face your next Walk-ins

Helps you identify your niche areas based on the test

Become a part of Pre-assessed Pool of preferred candidates

Be Industry ready

Features of CEAT

Complete simulation of industry walk-ins

Employability Assessments as per Industry Standards

Hassle free online assessment with advanced Automatic Invigilation and Proctoring Technology

Exclusive Mock Interviews to build your self-confidence

@ Rs. 599/- Only
Aptitude Test
Verbal Ability

This section involves grammar, verbal analogies and following detailed written instructions. It also includes words spelling, sentence completion and comprehension. This test helps in understanding the precise meaning of word, idoms and the structure of the language

You would be tested on most of the following
Spelling Grammar Sentence completion Analogies
Word groups Critical reasoning Verbal deductions  
Quantitative Ability

The quantitative ability section measures the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations. The questions range from purely numeric calculations, to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis, categorization and quantitative analysis.

You would be tested on most of the following
Problems on Trains Time and Distance Height and Distance Time and Work
Simple Interest Compound Interest Profit and Loss Partnership
Percentage Problems on Ages Calendar Clock
Average Area Volume and Surface Area Permutation and Combination
Numbers Problems on Numbers Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M Decimal Fraction
Simplification Square Root and Cube Root Surds and Indices Ratio and Proportion
Chain Rule Pipes and Cistern Boats and Streams Alligation or Mixture
Logarithm Races and Games Stocks and Shares Odd Man Out and Series
Probability True Discount Banker's Discount  
Logical Ability

Logical ability or logical thinking is the ability to reason, calculate, compute, analyse and recall patterns. This ability is most sought after among engineers, scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers, policemen, lawyers, animal trackers, accountants and economists.

You would be tested on most of the following
Number Series Letter and Symbol Series Verbal Classification Essential Part
Analogies Artificial Language Matching Definitions Making Judgments
Verbal Reasoning Logical Problems Logical Games Analyzing Arguments
Statement and Assumption Course of Action Theme Detection Statement and Conclusion
Cause and Effect Logical Deduction Logical Deduction  
Technical Skill Test

The technical skill test, although not compulsory, is a chance for you to add to the value of your CEAT score as well as your resume. Out of the available options, you can choose up to two tests based on your strengths.

The available options are
C C++ Java .net Php Networking Database S/W Testing
@ Rs. 599/- Only