iNEWPM,being India's No.1 Job Portal for Fresher's is launching Affiliation Program Now you can earn as much as you want by joining Freshersworld Affiliation Program. Be a member of Freshersworld Affiliation Program and start earning today!


Affiliation Program

1) What Affiliation Program is about?

  • Affiliation program is a smart earning plan launched by first time for its affiliate members.
  • An affiliate member now can earn referral remuneration , whenever a fresher visits through an affiliate member and makes a registration through us and confirm their email account verification.
  • It facilitates to earn as much as you can being in home, universities and work etc. It is all about Peer networking, Loyalty and leadership. It is based on the informal form of bonding and dynamics.
  • Any Affiliate member of freshersworld can use it to introduce their peer with and can earn as much they want by getting freshers registered with us.

2) Scope for Freshersworld Affiliate member

  • Millions of Freshers are passing out every year in India and are looking for a right job to start their career. so there is a huge potential for an affiliate member to earn a big bag of money by making these freshers registered with
  • Within the few initial day of its launch many affiliates members have joined us and we can see a growth of 66% every month and total monthly pay-out for our Affiliates last month was over 37 lakhs. In the last month one of our Affiliate member has earned a remuneration of Rs 5 Lakhs.
  • So there is a huge scope to earn If you own a Facebook Page, Website, Blog, Online community group or you Manage Fresher Job seeker group Like Placement Cell, Alumni Group etc. You can earn as much as you want only by referring freshers and getting them registered with us.

3) How does it work?

  • Refer Freshers to and earn affiliate remuneration whenever a fresher get registered with us and verifies their email account. There will be a systematic track for each and every referrals and registration from an Affiliate member.
  • One can promote it through email, web page, social networking sites etc. and refer freshers for registration with

4) Cost of program

  • There are absolutely no costs involved in joining or being part of the Freshersworld Affiliate program.

5) Affiliate Remuneration

  • An Affiliate member will get upto Rs 25 per New freshers registration.

Click here to become a Freshersworld Affiliate member.

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