Bio Medical Engineer Job roles, responsibilities, descriptions and duties

Date of posting: 13 Jan 20

What are the job roles and responsibilities of an Bio Medical Engineer?

Biomedical engineers work with a wide range of medical and administrative staff. Responsibilities of the job include:

  • designing, testing and implementing new medical procedures.

  • designing, developing and testing products and devices

  • liaising with medical, engineering and scientific staff

  • training staff to use equipment safely

  • maintaining equipment

  • writing reports and documentation

  • undertaking relevant research.

Typical employers of biomedical engineers

  • hospitals

  • universities

  • research organizations

  • diagnostic/medical instrumentation manufacturers

Qualifications and training required

To become a biomedical engineer, a good degree in a relevant subject such as biomedical engineering, biomedical science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or physics is required.

Key skills for biomedical engineers

  • careful measurement and analytical skills

  • good attention to detail

  • a good eye for design

  • the creative ability to turn designs into products

  • the ability to empathize with patients

  • communication and team working skills.