Business Analyst Job roles, responsibilities, descriptions and duties

Date of posting: 10 Jan 20

Business analyst

What are the job roles and responsibilities of an Business Analyst?

Business analysts look at how a company operates – they conduct research and analyze data to develop their knowledge and suggest methods for the company to improve their practices. This is usually done with the aim of helping the company make more money.

The work of a business analyst is very closely related to the IT sector. Nowadays, business analysts’ solutions for their clients will usually involve the implementation of new computer systems.

Typical employers of business analysts

  • business analysis firms

  • Consulting professional service firms 

  • Public sector organizations 

  • Technology companies

  • Research firms

  • Larger organizations requiring in-house analysts 

  • Experienced business analysts may be able to work for themselves in a freelance capacity.

Qualifications and training required

Business analyst roles typically require a bachelor's degree, though employers may prefer a degree in business, computing, or numeracy-related subject. You can get your degree through a full-time university study.

Key skills for business analysts

Commercial awareness

Communication and interpersonal skills

Time management and organizational skills

Problem-solving skills

Analytical skills

Leadership and management skills

Interest in project management techniques