How to Introduce Yourself and Make An Impression in Front of People

Date of posting: 13 Mar 20

Trying to make an impression on people that will last? Well, that’s exactly what we are going through today. In our world today, making your first impression on someone else is going to take you places. 

Introducing yourself and making an impression in front of people is a skill that you can master only if you know what to do. There’s a way to introduce yourself and if you do it right, the others around you are definitely going to be impressed. 

Here are a couple of tips that can be used to get everything right when you meet somebody the next time - 

  • Most people make this mistake of saying uhh umm, er, you know, ah, between every sentence and this is known as FILLERS. People use fillers so that they can get enough time for speaking about the next sentence, which isn’t pleasant when you are talking to other people.

  • Using professional words such as consensus, invoice, counteroffer, organize, etc. is important at work and your colleagues are most likely to see you as important because you know the right vocabulary. You can also gain business English knowledge by watching the news on English channels.

  • Look at the person on the face and tell them “ hi. My name is _____, give out a firm handshake and ask them “ and yours”? Make sure you are smiling at all costs. This should tell them that you are not an uptight person but you’re also capable of being fun as well.

  • Talk to people according to the situation. If you are meeting someone new, talk to them as if you want to know more about the person. Imagine a situation where you introduce yourself to a person at work and tell them 

“ hi my name is ______. I wanna try this new shawarma”.

That sounds out of place. If you are in a shawarma place and met a new person and say the same thing, then that would be a valid place to introduce yourself and talk about shawarmas.

  • Eye contact is super necessary while you talk to the person, else the person will feel like you are disinterested in them and will take you less seriously.

  • Use your hands to show them that you are interested while you are talking to them. If you can, copy their body language and use it because people tend to love new people who can imitate their same body language.

  • After you introduce yourself and them, there is a set of questions that can follow up in order to not lose the conversation you’re having with the person. These can be questions like 

  • Where do you live

  • Where are you working

  • How do you feel about work

  • How’s everything at home

  • Do you play sports

And so on …………………..

  • Grammar is underrated and super important. People judge another person’s English by looking at their grammar. It’s fine if you cannot figure out grammar still, there are many videos on youtube that could teach you basic grammar.

  • When you are in a group, try and make sure that you are engaged by looking at everybody and talking to them. In this way, people can know that their points are also being validated and being approved, which shows that you are interested in them.

These tips are your safe bet to being a better communicator, hence making you a king of interpersonal skills! Have fun!