Human Resource Officer Job roles, responsibilities, descriptions and duties

Date of posting: 13 Jan 20

What are the job roles and responsibilities of an Human Resourse Officer?

HR officers are those who perform a broad range of duties or specialists who focus on a particular area. Specialisms include employee relations, coaching, health and safety.

Typical responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and training staff

  • making sure that staff get paid correctly and on time

  • pensions and benefits administration

  • looking after the health, safety, and welfare of all employees

  • organizing staff training sessions and activities

  • monitoring staff performance and attendance

  • ensuring candidates have the right to work at the organization

  • negotiating salaries, contracts, working conditions or redundancy packages 

Typical employers of HR officers

Any organization will require an HR officer. Smaller companies may have only one HR officer, while larger companies and public sector organizations will have HR departments.

Typical employers include:

  • Manufacturers

  • Retailers

  • Banks

  • Local authorities

  • Industrial organizations

  • Charities

  • HR agencies

Qualifications and training required

A degree in a relevant subject such as HR management or business may be required for some posts.

Some employers may also ask that you have a professional qualification in HR management. A postgraduate qualification in HR management may be advantageous.

Relevant experience is often essential and can be gained in any commercial area through placements or vacation work. It may be necessary to enter the profession at a junior level or to move into HR work following a general management training scheme.

Key skills for HR officers

  • Commercial awareness

  • Effective organizational skills

  • Ability to form working relationships with people at all levels

  • Teamwork skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Meticulous attention to detail

  • Numerical skills

  • IT skills