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Date of posting: 30 Aug 21

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What Does an Operational Researcher Do?

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Job designation: - Operational researcher

An operational researcher’s job is to work in an organisation to understand the problems they are facing and report it to the higher management to take action. It is a detail-oriented job where each everything is needed to be comprehensive so that actions can be carried out easily.

Duties and responsibilities of an Operational researcher

The responsibility of an operational researcher is to make sure that the organization they are working for is running smoothly by using their analytical skills to sort out the problems and give practical recommendations to the company’s stakeholders

  • Data collection for analysis

  • Calculations to sort out errors in the data

  • Creation of reports for the senior management and stakeholders

  • Using present and upcoming tools for more data diving

  • Providing feedback of their work

Places of employment for an Operational researcher

Work schedule of an Operational researcher

Typically, it is a 40 hours per week job but it can be more if the work load is excess and sometimes you have to work on weekends.

Qualifications required to become an Operational researcher

Usually, a graduation in operations research science is required and in some cases a master degree can be asked along with work experience. 

Under-graduate courses to become an Operational researcher

  • B.Sc. in Operations Research

Eligibility to pursue the course: -

  • Class 12th pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. 

  • 50 to 60 % passing is required

Entrance-exams to be taken to pursue the course

  • Merit based admission

Institutes which are offering these courses 

  • The Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Uttarakhand

Post-graduate courses for an Operational researcher

  • M.Sc. in Operations Research

Eligibility to pursue the course: -

  • M.Sc. in Operations Research

Entrance-exams to be taken to pursue the course

  • Mostly merit based but some institutes require GATE exam marks

Institutes which are offering these courses 

  • St. Stephen’s College

  • Hansraj College

  • Hindu College

  • Ramjas College

  • Aligarh Muslim University (Distance Learnings)

Key/Technical skills

  • Research on new ways for problem identification

  • Using practical problem-solving methods

  • Good working with team members

  • Being professional on the job

  • Managing work pressure along with time

Salary expectations

  • Average salary: - Rs. 3.01 lakhs per annum

  • Entry level salary: - Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum

  • Experienced-level salary (5 to 9 years of work experience): - Rs. 5.5 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs per annum

Process of getting the job of an Operational researcher

  • Placement from colleges, universities and other recognised institutions

  • Job searching on LinkedIn or Indeed for Operational researchers’ posts

  • Checking out any institution’s profile and requirements for an Operational researcher 

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