Soil Scientist officer job roles, responsibilities, descriptions, duties and salary

Date of posting: 20 Sep 21

What Does a Soil Scientist Do?

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Job designation: - Soil Scientist

A soil scientist research the top few meters of the Earth’s crust in phrases of its bodily and chemical properties; distribution, genesis and morphology; and organic components

Duties and responsibilities of a Soil Scientist

Soil scientists are testing soil samples to provide statistics on soil quality and appearance to construction, agricultural, government, industrial and clinical personnel.

  •  Analysis and simplifying statistics 

  • Modelling statistics using expert pc applications and getting ready reviews, maps and publications 

  • Advising professionals in related fields, which includes archaeologists and hydrologists recording and imparting findings 

  • Retaining up to date with tendencies in soil technology and applicable regulation or environmental issues 

  • Attending conferences

Places of employment for a Soil Scientist

  • Government projects

  • Private sector companies

  • Environmental organization

Work schedule of a Soil Scientist

When they travel, advise farmers, or conduct surveys, they may have to work ten or twelve hours a day. In their offices, they usually work eight hours a day. In general, soil scientists enjoy their work immensely.

Qualifications required to become a Soil Scientist

To begin a profession as a soil scientist, aspirants should pursue a course from the university. Soil technology and associated programmes are accessible at UG, PG and doctoral levels. As according to the eligibility, aspirants can pursue the course in their choice

Under-graduate courses to become a Soil Scientist

Eligibility to pursue the course: -

  • Completion of Intermediate (12 years of schooling) with science as the stream with 50% of marks. 

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics is to be the topics of examine.

Entrance-exams to be taken to pursue the course

  • Merit-based admission

  • Entrance exams as per some institutes

Institutes which are offering these courses 

  • Bihar Agricultural University

  • Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology

  • Raffles University

  • Banda University of Agriculture and Technology

  • Sri Sri University

Post-graduate courses for a Soil Scientist

Eligibility to pursue the course: -

  • Students must complete postgraduate studies at an accredited institution to be eligible for a Master's degree in Soil Science. Upon graduation, they should also study English and Mathematics as core subjects. 

  • Some universities, such as the University of Delhi, require at least 60% ranking. In graduate school to meet the selection criteria. 

  • There is no minimum age for taking a Master's in Soil Science course.

  •  In some cases, students will also need to take an entrance test. They may also be invited to a Personal Interview (PI) round.

Entrance-exams to be taken to pursue the course

  • Merit-based entry

  • DU-ET




Institutes which are offering these courses 

  • BFIT Group of Institutions

  • Himalayan University: Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture

  • College of Agriculture, Padanakkad

  • College of Agriculture, Vellayani

  • University of Calcutta

Key/Technical skills

  • Collecting and deep evaluation of data. 

  • Verbal and well-written communication ability 

  • Presentation and problem ending skills. 

  • Reporting and presentation skills. 

  • Time management skills.

Salary expectations

  • Average salary: - Rs. 7.8 lakhs per annum

  • Entry level salary: - Rs. 5.6 lakhs per annum

  • Experienced-level salary: - Rs.9.7 lakhs per annum

Process of getting the job of a 

  • Placement from colleges, universities and other recognised institutions

  • Job searching on linkedin or Indeed for Soil Scientist posts

  • Checking out any institution’s profile and requirements for a Soil Scientist

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