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Date of posting: 20 Sep 21

What Does a Zoologist Do?

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Job designation: - Zoologist

The zoologist studies animals both in the wild and in captivity. By observing different species in their habitats, zoologists understand how animals behave in the wild. Its purpose is to identify and track how different species interact in their ecosystems.

Duties and responsibilities of a Zoologist

Zoologists are responsible for collecting and analyzing zoology data that studies animals and wildlife in their natural and managed environments, and disseminating new knowledge in the form of knowledge, research reports, and scientific journals.

  • Design and implement research and research projects in animals  

  • Studying animal characteristics and behavior  

  • Collect and analyze biological samples and data  

  • Write articles, reports and documents explaining research results  

  • Ensuring animal welfare through various initiatives

Places of employment for a Zoologist

  • For zoologists, the working environment is diverse. Some work only in offices and labs. Others might teach at a museum or university. 

  • Many people spend most of their time outdoors collecting field data and studying rare animals in their natural habitat.

  •  Depending on their particular position or field of study, the job content of a zoologist can vary widely, but it has an impact everywhere.

Work schedule of a Zoologist

Normal working hours here are 8 hours a day. Research institutes may work night shifts, depending on the type of research subject and the need for specific aspects of the study.

Qualifications required to become a Zoologist

Zoology study courses are offered in full-time and part-time courses for graduate and postgraduate students. Candidates can also earn a postgraduate degree in zoology. Applicants in this field mainly describe anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, ecology, animal behavior. And conservation.

Under-graduate courses to become a Zoologist

Eligibility to pursue the course: -

  • Applicants must have completed class 12 from an accredited commission. 

  •  Applicants must pass Grade 12 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

  •  Applicants must meet the minimum requirement of 50% pass of the total score on the 10 + 2 test.

Entrance-exams to be taken to pursue the course

  • Merit-based examinations

  • JEST

Institutes which are offering these courses 

  • St Joseph's College, Darjeeling

  • Serampore College, Serampore

  • Siliguri College, Siliguri

  • Maulana Azad College, Kolkata

  • Asutosh College, Kolkata

Post-graduate courses for a Zoologist

Eligibility to pursue the course: -

  • Candidates are needed to obtain a bachelor's degree. 

  • A degree in zoology or other related medical sciences from an accredited institution with a total score of at least 50%. 

  • Candidates must complete a 10+2 exam by a state-recognized committee

Entrance-exams to be taken to pursue the course

  • Merit-based admission

  • DUET

  • Christ University Assessment Test

Institutes which are offering these courses 

  • Visva Bharati University - Visva-Bharati

  • Raiganj University, Raiganj

  • Burdwan University - University of Burdwan

  • Vidyasagar University, Midnapore

  • Kalyani University - University of Kalyani

Key/Technical skills

  • Knowledge of biology. 

  • Excellent way of oral communication. 

  • Ability to look good on others. 

  • Science and Technology 

  • Thorough and pay attention to details. 

  • Excellent writing skills

Salary expectations

  • Average salary: - Rs. 4 lakhs per annum

  • Entry level salary: - Rs. 1 lakh per annum

  • Experienced-level salary: - Rs. 20 lakhs per annum

Process of getting the job of a Zoologist

  • Placement from colleges, universities and other recognised institutions

  • Job searching on linkedin or Indeed for Zoologist posts

  • Checking out any institution’s profile and requirements for a Zoologist

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