Fraud Awareness

Dear Job aspirants,

Technology has made our life simpler, from finding a Job to buying a home and buying clothes to ordering food, everything is happening online and faster. Similarly, technology has made fraudster activity also simpler by fostering the ease of access to large audience in a matter of seconds. You might have received couple of emails, SMS, and calls offering Jobs/Lotteries/Prizes in exchange of a nominal fee (they would call it a nominal; however fees would rarely be a small amount). Recently, these activities have got sky rocketed and lot of fraudsters are sending fake job offer emails in the name of prominent companies.

Now take a look at following Fake Job offer email:

Looks familiar? Have you also received similar emails offering a Job and asking you to pay some money to complete the process? If yes, then you might have felt intimidated by the company and salary they are offering. As you look at the details and how meticulously the above fake job offer letter has been drafted, it’s almost appearing like a genuine mail from a company. But if you look at it carefully, you will get to know this is absolutely a Fake Job Offer.

This is just one format how fraud emails look like. As these activities are happening from long, people slowly understanding these are the activities of fraudsters. But, you know these fraudsters are smart and tech savvy people. Their main intention would be to fetch money from people. They will target you in multiple ways (via SMS or Call) and try to fetch money from you.

How to identify such Fake Job Offers?

You can easily identify fake Job offers with following things:

They will directly send you a job offer without taking your interview.

No company will offer you a Job without taking your interview, if they do, check for its genuineness.

They will say there will not be any process and it’s a direct recruitment.

There is nothing called direct recruitment, no company will hire candidates just like that. Remember, after hiring, companies will want you to perform and have to pay salary at the end of the month; they won’t hire anyone without following a process or without assessing your abilities.

They will ask you to pay some money to process your Job offer.

No company will ever ask you to pay money for hiring. Remember, when it comes to a Job, it is the company who should be paying you for your work and contribution towards its growth, and not you.

They will ask you to pay money to book a flight/train ticket for your arrival at Job location.

Again, companies will not ask you to pay money for your travel arrangements. If they are genuine, they will either arrange your travel or ask you to arrange yourselves and they would reimburse the money later. Here you need to be cautious, sometimes some fraudsters will ask you to arrange your travel and come, and then after reaching the Job location they might ask you to pay for processing the Job offer.

They will also include an Application fees of Rs. 200 to make it look like genuine.

Again, there will not be anything called application fee; however, you might argue that government jobs will require us to pay for the application but in private sector there is nothing called application fees. Don’t fall for this trap.

They will ask you to send documents via email or by post.

No company will ask you to send your qualification documents via email or by post. In actual scenario companies will have their website and you have to upload soft copies of your documents to prove your qualifications.

Their contact details will be fake and resembles the company they are talking about.

In above offer letter, the email ID mentioned is , please observe this email carefully. The domain name (text after “@”) says newmnccompany ; a genuine company will never send any Job offer with such fake email IDs.
Here, you need to be cautious; Sometimes to make it look genuine, they might include some prominent company's name before or after “@”. Hence, this email is fake one and so the Job offer. Always look for the genuine email and focus on the domain name. Now you might be in dilemma how to check whether it’s a genuine email ID or not? Do some google search, go to respective companies’ official website and look for the format of support or contact email IDs. If not getting or don’t know what to do, simply look for all the above points in the Job offer letter, if anything is matching, most probably it will be a fake one.

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Let’s be vigilant

So let’s be vigilant enough to differentiate genuine and fake job offers. We often take initiatives to educate our Jobseekers with such possible fraudulent activities; however we still get to notice lot of Jobseekers falling for such traps.We at Freshersworld, neither charge or nor encourage charging money for Job offers. It is strictly against our policy and we stand with zero tolerance against such fraudsters. We are here to assist fresher Jobseekers to find a Job and get started with their career. All in all, Freshersworld will not be responsible for your any type of loss in such fraudulent transactions.

Note: The Job offer email shown in above example was received by some of our users; We have no intentions to harm anyone’s reputation here. Freshersworld won’t be liable for any damage caused due to anyone’s loss of reputation.

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