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Education Counselor Jobs Opening in Rajasthali Law Institute at New Sanganer Road, Jaipur

Education Counselor

Rajasthali Law Institute
experience-icon 0.6 to 1 Years
salary-icon 15000 - 25000 Monthly
qualification-icon BA
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Posted: 18 May 24

Job Description

Job Role: Education Counselor
Salary: 15000 to 25000
Job Location: Mansarovar
Timing: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Job Description : An education counselor plays a pivotal role in guiding students, parents, and educators through various aspects of the educational journey. Responsible for:

  • Student Counseling: Providing one-on-one guidance to students at various academic levels, helping them explore their interests, talents, and academic goals. This may involve conducting assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses, discussing career options, and offering support in academic or personal matters.

  • Career Guidance: Assisting students in making informed decisions about their future careers by providing information on different professions, educational pathways, and job market trends. They may help students explore potential career paths through aptitude tests, career workshops, and informational interviews.

  • College Admissions Support: Guiding students through the college application process, including selecting suitable colleges or universities, completing applications, writing personal statements or essays, and preparing for admissions interviews or exams such as the SAT or ACT.

  • Financial Aid Assistance: Advising students and families on financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. They may help students navigate the financial aid application process and understand the costs associated with higher education.

  • Special Needs Support: Providing support and accommodations for students with special needs or learning disabilities, ensuring they have access to appropriate resources and services to help them succeed academically.

  • Conflict Resolution: Mediating conflicts between students, parents, and teachers regarding academic, behavioral, or interpersonal issues. They may facilitate communication and collaboration to resolve conflicts and promote a positive learning environment.

  • Educational Planning: Collaborating with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to develop and implement educational programs and initiatives that meet the diverse needs of students. This may involve curriculum development, academic enrichment programs, and strategies for improving student outcomes.

  • Professional Development: Engaging in ongoing professional development to stay updated on best practices, educational trends, and relevant policies or regulations. They may attend conferences, workshops, or training sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge in counseling and education.

  • Overall, education counselor plays a crucial role in supporting students as they navigate the educational system, empowering them to make informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

    More information about this Education Counselor Job

    Please go through the below FAQs to get all answers related to the given Education Counselor job

    1. What are the job requirements to apply for this Education Counselor job position?
      • Ans: A candidate must have a minimum of 06 Months to 1 year experience as an Education Counselor

    2. What is the qualification for this job?
      • Ans: The candidate can be a Graduate from any of the following: BA

    3. What are the salary requirements for this job?
      • Ans: The salary range is between 15000 and 25000 Monthly. The Salary will depend on the interview. This Education Counselor is a Full Time in Jaipur.

    4. What is the hiring Process of this job?
      • Ans: The hiring process all depends on the company. Normally for an entry level, hiring the candidate has to go for Aptitude, GD (If they look for communication),Technical test and face to face interviews.

    5. This Education Counselor is a work from home job?
      • Ans: No ,its not a Work from Home Job.

    6. How many job vacancies are opening for the Education Counselor position?
      • Ans: There are immediate 3 job openings for Education Counselor in our Organisation.

    Job Particulars

    Education BA
    Who can apply Experienced (0.6 to 1 Years)
    Hiring Process Walk - In, Face to Face Interview
    Employment TypeFull Time
    Job Id2436062
    Job Category Teaching
    Locality Address New Sanganer Road
    Country India

    About Company

    Rajasthali Law Institute

    Redefining Legal Education in Rajasthan

    The Rajasthali Law Institute stands as a beacon of excellence in legal education, blending tradition with innovation to nurture the legal minds of tomorrow. Situated in the culturally rich and historically significant state of Rajasthan, our institute is committed to providing a comprehensive and dynamic learning environment that prepares students for the complexities of the legal profession in the 21st century.

    Academic Excellence:

    At Rajasthali Law Institute, academic rigor is combined with practical relevance to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary to excel in the legal field. Our faculty comprises esteemed legal scholars, experienced practitioners, and industry experts who are dedicated to fostering intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and professional integrity among our students.

    Innovative Curriculum:

    Our curriculum is designed to offer a holistic understanding of law and its intersection with society, business, and governance. From foundational courses in constitutional law, criminal law, and civil procedure to specialized electives in emerging areas such as intellectual property, environmental law, and human rights, students have the opportunity to explore diverse legal disciplines and tailor their education to their interests and career aspirations.

    Experiential Learning:

    We believe in learning by doing, which is why experiential learning is at the heart of our pedagogical approach. Through moot court competitions, legal clinics, internships, and field visits, students gain practical experience, develop advocacy skills, and engage with real-world legal issues under the guidance of experienced mentors and practitioners.

    Global Perspective:

    In an increasingly interconnected world, we strive to instill in our students a global perspective and a commitment to social justice and human rights. Through exchange programs, international conferences, and collaborations with leading universities and organizations, students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, gain exposure to diverse legal systems, and contribute meaningfully to the global legal community.

    Community Engagement:

    As a responsible member of society, Rajasthali Law Institute is deeply engaged in community service and outreach initiatives aimed at promoting access to justice, legal literacy, and social empowerment. Through pro bono legal clinics, legal aid camps, and advocacy campaigns, students and faculty work together to address pressing legal issues and effect positive change in the lives of individuals and communities.

    Visionary Leadership:

    Under the visionary leadership of our dedicated faculty and administration, Rajasthali Law Institute continues to uphold its legacy of excellence and innovation in legal education. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a spirit of innovation, we strive to shape the future of the legal profession and empower our students to become compassionate, ethical, and effective leaders in law and beyond.

    Join us at Rajasthali Law Institute and embark on a transformative journey that will prepare you to make a difference in the world through the power of law.

    This description highlights the key features and values of the Rajasthali Law Institute, emphasizing its academic excellence, innovative curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, global perspective, community engagement, and visionary leadership.

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