MU Sigma is a decision science and analytics firm for data drive decision making for many Fortune 500 companies. When it comes to MU Sigma jobs, the company looks for candidates who are very comfortable with numbers. If you are good in numbers and have a high analytical knowledge, you can easily crack the selection process of MU Sigma. The selection process for most of the technical positions involves assessment of the analytical skills of the candidate. The selection process starts with aptitude test which includes maths and analytic questions. The question related to the core area would also be included.
In the case study session, the candidates would be given a data and questions would be asked. In the next session, a video would be played and the candidate would be asked to write about the scene. Those who are selected in this written test would be subjected to group discussion. The MU Sigma business analyst jobs give more importance to group discussion and technical job selection process sees the group discussion as a way of assessing the candidate
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MU SIGMA Recruitment Discussion

Last Updated: 24-09-2017 11:06:00 PM