The National Institute of Oceanography is one of the laboratories of CSIR which undertakes several researches about the coastal and the open ocean environment. When it comes to a research center, the commonly conducted recruit drive is for the research department. The same goes for National Institute of Oceanography recruitment drives too. The post graduate and doctoral candidates in engineering, marine science, marine biology, geology, geography, ocean science and other allied disciples would be selected for the position of scientists. The senior scientist positions and the grades above that need doctoral candidates with experience.
Technical staffs in the research department are selected from the list of candidates who have a diploma in engineering or technology related to marine science, physical chemistry or other allied disciples based on the job requirements. The candidates with SSC in science or any trade certificate as required by the job advertisement would be selected for support staff positions in NIO recruitment process.
Apart from the scientists and technical staffs in the research department, the NIO also recruits a lot of candidates in the administrative department for various job profiles. Starting from medical candidates to management candidates, there are a lot of different vacancies that appears every year. The NIO also recruits temporary staffs based on any adhoc project requirement. Certain candidates who are selected as temporary staffs might be selected for permanent NIO jobs based on their performance in the project.
The NIO is present at various places in India. When it comes to recruitment process, the candidates are mostly requested to attend the interview at the place where the vacancy is. The rights to transfer a candidate to another location are reserved by the authorities in NIO. The most commonly conducted recruitment drive is NIO Goa Recruitment.
The selection process consists of interview process only for technical and support staffs. There are chances for the authorities to include a written test in the future. The candidates are not selected through GATE, NET, JEST or any other score. The selection of a candidate completely lies in the performance in the interview. The selection process tends to change from time to time based on the decision of the authorities.
The same goes for application process too. Each type of job advertisement has a different application process. The application process would be mentioned in the job advertisement in detail. The applications that are received without complying to the instructions provided to the candidate would be rejected even if the candidate has all the required criteria. Thus, learn about the application process in detail before applying.
Why do you need Freshersworld for NIO job hunt?
Starting from electrician to technical scientist positions, the NIO recruitment drives happens in large numbers. The candidates would be benefitted if they could find a consolidated page of all the current and expired job vacancies in NIO. This is where Freshersworld comes to rescue. Not just the consolidated view of jobs, the site also provides details about the selection process, application process, the job details and study materials for the test for all the jobs starting from the NIO Mumbai recruitment to every other recruitment drives that happen in NIO.
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157  Jobs
PA-I Physics
BSc(Phy), Diploma(Civil, Mech)
Last Date 10 Oct 17
PA-II Mechanical Engineering
MSc, BE/B.Tech(Civil, Mechanical Engineering)
Last Date 10 Oct 17
PA-II Civil engineering
MSc(Geology), BE/B.Tech(Civil)
Last Date 09 Oct 17
PA-II/PA-I Environmental Sciences
BSc(Zoology), MSc(Bio-Tech, Microbiology)
Last Date 04 Oct 17
Last Date 06 Oct 17
PA-I Physics
BSc(Electronics, Phy), Diploma(Mech)
Last Date 06 Oct 17
JRFVNJCT Biotechnology
MSc(Bio-Tech, Microbiology)
Last Date 05 Oct 17
Last Date 22 Sep 17
Last Date 14 Sep 17
Last Date 12 Sep 17
Last Date 24 Aug 17
Last Date 29 Aug 17
Last Date 21 Aug 17
Last Date 18 Aug 17
Last Date 10 Aug 17
PA-II Biotechnology
MSc(Bio-Tech, Microbiology)
Last Date 03 Aug 17
Last Date 07 Aug 17
PA-I Microbiology
BSc(Bio-Tech, Chemistry, Microbiology)
Last Date 03 Aug 17
Last Date 16 Aug 17
Diploma(Civil, Electrical, Mech)
Last Date 14 Jul 17
Last Date 29 Jun 17
Last Date 29 Jun 17
Last Date 29 Jun 17
Last Date 29 Jun 17
Last Date 28 Jun 17
PA-III Marine Biology
MSc(Botany / Agricultural Botany, Zoology)
Last Date 28 Jun 17
Last Date 22 Jun 17
Last Date 13 Jun 17
Last Date 02 Jun 17
Last Date 23 May 17
PA-II Microbiology
MSc(Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Tech, Microbiology)
Last Date 22 May 17
Last Date 11 May 17
Last Date 16 May 17
Last Date 04 May 17
PA-I Botany
BSc(Botany / Agricultural Botany)
Last Date 06 Apr 17
PA-II Microbiology
MSc(Botany / Agricultural Botany, Microbiology)
Last Date 06 Apr 17
Last Date 06 Apr 17
Last Date 30 Mar 17
Last Date 28 Mar 17
Last Date 30 Mar 17
Last Date 03 Apr 17
Last Date 29 Mar 17
Last Date 02 Mar 17
PA-I/PA-II Mathematics
MSc, BSc(Mathematics, Phy), Diploma(ECE), BCA
Last Date 19 Jan 17
PA-I Biology
BSc(Biology, Botany / Agricultural Botany, Zoology)
Last Date 23 Jan 17
Last Date 23 Jan 17
PA-I Chemistry
BSc(Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry)
Last Date 12 Jan 17
Project Asst III/II Biotechnology / Marine Biology
ME/M.Tech(Bio-Medical /Bio-Technology Engg), MSc(Microbiology)
Last Date 15 Dec 16
Last Date 09 Dec 16


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