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2 Hours theory and 6 hours dedicated lab practice in real time project works total 8 hours a day. 100% Job guarantee training program for 60 days.
Below mentioned topics will be covered :
1. Basics (behavior and usage): 
a. Break, continue, pass statements 
b. for-else clause 
c. try, except, else, finally statements 
d. *args, **kwargs 
e. lists, dicts, sets 
f. handling files 
g. Python packages 
h. Docstrings 
i. Pythonic way/Zen of Python 
2. Advanced features: 
a. PEP8/pylint 
b. list/dict comprehension 
c. decorators 
d. closures 
e. iterators, generators 
f. descriptors 
g. multimethods 
h. threading/multiprocessing 
3. Object-oriented programming: 
a. classes 
b. __new__(),__init__(),__call__(),__del__() methods 
c. inheritance 
d. metaclasses 
4. Other: 
a. unit testing in Python (with chosen testing library) 
b. regexp usage 
c. XML handling 
d. pandas library 
e. design patterns in Python 
f. optimization of operations in Python (profiling techniques) 
Python Usage :

  • Web Development with Python ,
  • Automation with Python,
  • Scrapy with Python,
  • Machine Learning with Python,
  • Game Development with Python,
  • GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) with Python ,
  • Data Science with Python,
  • Data Analysis with Python ,
  • Data Visualization with Python,
  • Data Extraction with Python,
  • Text Processing with Python,
  • Regular Expressions with Python,

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