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Android Training.

1. Mobile Application Development include:

Diploma in Mobile Application Development - Android

Diploma in Mobile Application Development - iPhone

Masters Diploma In Mobile Application Development (iPhone/Android)

Master Diploma In Enterprise Application Development

2. Mobile Application Testing include:

Diploma in Android Application Testing (DAAT)

Diploma in Mobile Application Testing (DMAT)

Advance Diploma in Mobile Application Testing (ADMAT) - Android

Advance Diploma in Mobile Application Testing (ADMAT) - iphone

Master Diploma in Mobile Application Testing (MDMAT)

3. Others Mobile Application Development include:

Training in iPhone - 2D & 3D Graphics Programming

Training in iPad Application Development

Diploma in Android Game Development

4. Swift based application development include:

iOS 8 Application Development for iPhone and iPad Using Swift

Swift for Experienced Objective-C Programmers

5. Cross Platform include:

Training In Mobile Application Development For Titanium

Application Development using SENCHA TOUCH

Mobile Application Development Using PhoneGap

Xamarin Development

Iphone Training.

    Module 1 - Objective C & iPhone Development Framework

    Fundamentals Of C, OOPs Concepts, ID Datatype, Categories & protocols, Preprocessors, Foundation Framework.


  • Fundamental Syntax
  • Object Oriented Programming Support
  • Using Dynamic Binding
  • Using ARC
  • Writing Code for Hardware
  • Foundation Framework
  • Object, class, messaging, properties
  • Allocating and Initializing Objects, selectors
  • Exception handling, Threading, Remote messaging
  • Protocols, categories and extension
  • Runtime versions and Platforms/Interacting with runtime
  • Dynamic method resolution, Message Forwarding, Type Encodings
  • Memory Management

    Module 2 - Introduction to IOS Platform

    iOS Releases

  • Introduction to iOS
  • Versions of iOS and Supported Devices
  • Apple Approval Process
  • iPhone OS Architecture
  • Cocoa Touch Layer
  • iPhone OS Developer Tool
  • iPhone OS Frameworks
  • iPhone SDK (installation, tools, use)
  • About Cocoa object
  • Design pattern
  • Communication with Objects
  • Cocoa and Application Architecture on Mac OS X
  • Role of iOS platform in IOT & Case Studies

    XCode IDE Installation and Use

  • Installing and Updating Xcode
  • Code Development and Tracking
  • Debugging Utilities
  • Application Navigation Tools
  • Overview of native application
  • Configuring application/Running applications
  • Using iPhone simulator/Managing devices

    Internal Hardware System Support

  • Using Device Cameras for Photos
  • Using Device Microphone for Sound Files
  • Playback of Sound Files and System Sounds
  • Saving GPS Data
  • Recognizing Accelerometer Motion-Detect Multi-Touch Gestures

    System Event Handling

  • Recognizing Apps Moving to Background
  • Detecting and Solving Low Memory Events
  • Handling Custom Events and Exceptions

    MVC Architecture

  • Model-View-Controller
  • Development Paradigm
  • Application Design Process

    Multithreading Support

  • Creating Threads
  • Using Threads for Asynchronous Processing

    Web Service Support

  • Creating an App that Uses a Web Service
  • Using Third-Party Systems
  • ASIHTTPRequest
  • wsdl2objc Interaction

    Module 3 - Views and View Controllers

  • Using Generic Views and View Controllers
  • Using Specific Purpose Views
  • Text View
  • Web View
  • Map View
  • Collection View & Custom Collection
  • NSLocalNotification
  • Apple Push Notification (APNS)
  • Slider View
  • Switch View
  • Customs Buttons
  • Animation
  • Page Controller View
  • Side Bar View
  • Navigation View
  • Tabbar Controller
  • ToolBar
  • StoryBoard & Segue
  • Data Parsing Controller
  • Image View
  • Bar Buttons
  • Textfield Area
  • Progress View
  • Activity Indicator View
  • Custom View Controllers
  • Alert View & Custom Alerts
  • Action Sheet
  • Table View Controller
  • Gestures (Pan, Swipe, Rotate, Tap, Motion, Shake & Pinch)
  • Map kit & Map Annotation

    Module 4 – Database Connectivity

    NeXTStep Object Support

  • Using the NextStep Data Types
  • NSDate, NSPoint, NSSize, NSString
  • Using the NeXTStep Collection Objects
  • NSSet and NSMutableSet
  • NSArray and NSMutableArray
  • NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary
  • Performance Enhancement and Debugging

    Data Persistence

  • File Manipulation
  • SQLight Support
  • JSON / XML Web Services
  • CoreData Usage
  • plist

    Cloud Database Integration

  • Integrating iCloud
  • Integrating Amazon Webservices
  • Integrating Private Cloud

    Module 5 - Games and Graphics Support

  • Creating a Simple Game Using Coco Graphics
  • 2D and 3D Graphics Support
  • Cocoa Touch Graphics
  • Multimedia support
  • Accelerometer

    Module 6 – iOS Communication Interface Support

  • Connecting Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0)
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Airdrop Services
  • NFC Interfacing

    Module 7 – Advance UI Topics

  • Table Views
  • Navigation and Interface Building
  • User Input
  • Address Book access and personalization
  • Core location
  • Multi-touch Functions
  • Touch Events and Multi-Touch
  • Push Email Application Development

    Module 8 – Multi-Platform Development

  • Creating Apps that Work on iPhone and iPad
  • Creating User Interfaces for Multiple Screen Resolutions
  • Detecting and Using Hardware at Runtime

    Module 9 – Live Project & Appstore Publishing

  • Design and development of live project
  • App Submission in Appstore
  • Integrating Payment gateways
  • App Marketing and advertising platform integration (iAd, google Ad)


  • Using Automation Tools (SeeTest, Eggplant)
  • Major Testing tool (INSTRUMENTS)
  • Introduction to Instruments
  • How to instruments
  • Memory leaks testing
  • Activity Testing
  • Allocations Testing
  • Time Profiler
  • Automations
  • Network Testing
  • System Usage Testing
  • Core Animation Testing
  • OpenGL ES Driver / Analysis Testing Third Party tools for testing
  • Monkey Tool for testing using Eclipse
  • FoneMonkey for iOS Automation Testing

    Project - Mobile application testing for iOS Platform


  • Set up your development environment
  • Compile for multiple platforms
  • Run code in a emulator
  • Debug your HTML and JavaScript
  • Access native APIs
  • including location
  • camera
  • accelerometer
  • contacts
  • and more via JavaScript
  • Optimize your JavaScript for mobile devices
  • Make security considerations
  • Build a mobile application that runs offline
  • Use CSS transitions
  • animations and transforms to create native looking interfaces
  • Use the Canvas for advanced graphics
  • Use mobile JS libraries
  • such as XUI and Dashcode to build mobile applications faster

    Project – Development of phonegap application for iOS Platform

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