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Linux basics commands: FILETER COMMANDS IN LINUX(grep , find , wc , awk , tail , head , sed ) Networking commands and scp commands in real time usage GIT SYLLABUS What is GIT What is SCM. What is DVCS. Git installation in windows and linux Github installation Repository creation in GIT Branches creation in GIT GIT login users creation(GIT config list) GIT commands: Gitinit, Git clone , Git add, Git status, Git commit, Git push, Git pull, Git remote, Git branch, Git config, Git logs, Git diff, Gitreflog, Git amend, Git tags, Git pull, Git checkout, Git merge Show the real time project in linux build machine with Jenkins trigger. MAVEN SYLLABUS What Is maven Why maven Maven installation in windows Maven install ton in linux Maven lifecycle Maven pom.xml Maven configure in Jenkins Maven project structure explanation Example for creation jar JENKINS Jenkins overview What is CI Jenkins install in windows and linux Jenkins configuration Jenkins management Show the build configure in Jenkins Show the bash and shell build configure Jenkins - Git setup Configure SCM job automation Jenkins -maven setup Email notification Manage plugins Manage Jenkins Manage node Run the jobs in node and check the jobs in node directory Cronjob in Linux and in Jenkins Backup and restore jobs Metrics and trends Dicard old builds Poll scm Build periodically Jenkins pipeline Continuous deployment APACHE TOMCAT What is apache tomcat What is http https http Install apache tomcat in windows Install apache tomcat in linux Explain the directory structure of apache tomcat Explain the imp of config xml files Setting.xml Web.xml Configure tomcat in Jenkins Show the how to deploy war/ear files in tomcat AWS What is cloud What is mean by IAAS , PAAS and SAAS What is the difference between IAAS , PAAS and SAAS Account crating in AWS What is AMI Explain security groups in AWS What is EC2 and creating EC2 instance and launch EC2 instance. What is S3 bucket , what is ELB & Auto scaling. DOCKER What is Docker ,explanation about Docker images and container, installation docker and Explain docker images creating . What is container tool , why popular , where we run container . Repository creating in docker Real time creating docker registry with rpms and creating its own docker registry Deployment on configuration management tools Docker file with commands Covered more than 30 commands in docker . GERRIT What is Gerrit. How to code review with hooks is real time Before pushing the code how to check status in Gerrit What is the link between Git and Gerrit and Jenkins JIRA What is JIRA How to created tasks in jira How to modified task status in jira How to link tasks with user stories How created bugs in jira How to rise bugs to others in jira How to resolve and close tasks and bugs in jira SHELL SCRIPTING What is shell script Why to write shell script How to write shell script What is the file system in linuX What is kernel is Exit status Variable in shell Shell build in variable More than 10 example show the executing in shell scripts(loops: if , else , for , while , while-do) AGILE What is Agile Agile development life cycle Working of agile Advantages Disadvantages ANSIBLE (configuration management tool) 1.introduction 1.1 introduction 1.2 what is ansible 1.3 change management 1.4 provisioning 1.5 automation 1.6 orchestration 1.7 why use ensile 1.8 YAML 1.9 build-in -security 1.10 extendable 2.Architecture and process flow 2.1 Architecture introduction 2.1 system requirements 2.3 components overview 2.4 process of execution and flow 2.5 execution types 3.creating environment 3.1 install ensile 4.ansible inventory and configuration 4.1 introduction 4.2 inventory fundamentals 4.3 demo: inventory basics 5.ansible modules 5.1 introduction 5.2 ansible module fundamentals RUBY CODE What is ruby Install in windows/ Linux platform Show 10 examples . YAML What is YAML What the SYATAX of YAML Show the 10 examples for YAML CODE

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