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CORE JAVA: I. Introduction a. History of java b. Features of java c. Java programming format d. Java tokens e. Java statements f. Java data types g. Typecasting h. Arrays II. OOPS a. Introduction b. Class c. Object d. Static keyword e. Constructors f. This keyword g. Inheritance h. Super keyword i. Abstraction j. Encapsulation k. Abstract classes l. Polymorphism m. Interfaces III. PACKAGES a. Introduction to all predefined packages b. User Defined Packages c. Access Specifiers IV. EXCEPTION HANDLING a. Introduction b. Pre Defined Exceptions c. Try-Catch-Finally d. Throws, throw e. User Defined Exception examples V. MULTITHREADING a. Thread Creations b. Thread Life Cycle c. Life Cycle Methods d. Synchronization e. Wait() notify() notify all() methods VI. I/O STREAMS a. Introduction b. Byte-oriented streams c. Character – oriented streams d. File e. Random-access file f. Serialization VII. WRAPPERCLASSES a. Introduction b. Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, Character, Boolean classes. VIII. COLLECTION FRAME WORK a. Introduction b. Util Package interfaces, List, Set, Map. c. List interface 7 its classes. d. Set interface & its classes e. Map interface & its classes IX. INNER CLASSES a. Introduction b. Member inner class c. Static inner class d. Local inner class X. STRING MANIPULATIONS a. String b. String Buffer c. String Tokenizer   ADVANCE – JAVA: I. JDBC a. Introduction b. Jdbc Architecture c. Types of Drivers d. Statement e. ResultSet f. PreparedStatement g. Connection Modes h. CallableStatement i. BLOB & CLOB j. Batch Updations II. SERVLETS a. Introduction b. Web application Architecture c. Http Protocol & Http Methods d. Web Server & Web Container e. Servlet Interface f. GenericServlet g. HttpServlet h. Servlet Life Cycle i. ServletConfig j. ServletContext k. Servlet Communication l. Web-component Communication III. JSP a. Introduction b. Jsp LifeCycle c. Jsp Implicit Objects & Scopes d. Jsp Directives e. Jsp Scripting Elements f. Jsp Actions IV. SERVERS & DATABASE a. Tomcat b. Mysql FRAMEWORKS I. HIBERNATE a. Introduction b. ORM (Object Relational Mapping) c. Configuration xml file and Mapping xml file along with dtds. d. Hibernate architecture e. Hibernate API f. CRUD operations g. Primary key Generators h. Hibernate Query Language (HQL) i. Relations (one to one, one to many, many to one, many to many) II. SPRING III. WEB SERVICES

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Name: Rajashekar Pothu, Qualification:MCA About: Rajashekar holds master degree in computer application-from Einstein Pg College affiliated with Osmania University .His background lies in designing, developing, and implementing training programs and instructional materials to facilitate staff and management education and knowledge across a variety of technical topics. Instructing students in group environments, via web-based trainings, or in one-on-one meetings. Leveraging exceptional technical skills to oversee all phases of software projects and effectively solve business challenges. Demonstrating superior interpersonal, communication, and leadership abilities. During his last 4 years involved in developing IEEE Academic project using different programing language like java, python in different domains like cloud computing, Data Mining ,and machine-learning ,AI. His ability to explain complex technology in easily understandable terms. During his experience he did workshops latest technologies and webinars. Rajashekar as Trainer: All workshops he trained like cloud computing,Data Mining ,with java/python.he handled more than 200+ IEEE Academic projects .He trained more than 2k+ studentns. And he conducted workshops on mobile app implementation Personal skills:-  Positive attitude, Dedicated, Hardworking  Effective communication skills  Good managerial skills

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