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JAVA/J2EE Course Contents

Core Java :-

1.   Introduction to Java.

·        Drawbacks of C and C++.

·        History of Java and Releases of Java.

2.   Installation of Java S/W.

·        How to download JDK Software.

·        Installation and setting the class path.

3.   First Java Program.

·        Explanation with execution steps.

·        generating .class files

4.   Naming Rules in Java.

5.   Data Types in Java.

·        Eight data types and its sizes.

6.   Operators in Java.

·        Arithmetic Operators.

·        Relational Operators.

·        Logical Operators.

·        Bitwise Operators.

·        Increment/Decrement Operators.

·        Ternary Operator.

·        Instanceof Operator.

7.   Control Statements in Java.

     (If-else, else if,switch,while,do while,for,break,continue,exit())

8.   Reading the data from Keyboard.

·        Classes used to read the data from the keyboard.

·        Steps for reading the data from the keyboard.

·        Reading character from the keyboard.

·        Reading string from the keyboard.  

·        Reading integer, float and double values from the keyboard

9.   Strings in Java.

·        Types of ways to create a string.

è Comparing '==' and ‘equals ()' method.

·        Immutable and Mutable Objects.

·        Difference b/w StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes.

10. Arrays in Java.

·        Introduction to arrays.

·        Types of Arrays.

·        Types of ways to create a 1D Array with examples.

·        Types of ways to create a 2D Array with examples.


11. OOPS Features.

·        Types of Programming Languages.

·        Objects.

·        Classes.

·        Data Abstraction.

·        Data Encapsulation.

·        Inheritance.

·        Polymorphism.

·        Dynamic Binding.

·        Message Passing.

12. Syntaxes for creating a class and object.

13. Examples on OOPS.

·        What are the default values of the data members of a class.

·        How many ways we can initialize the data members of a class.

14. Constructors in Java.

·        Definition and rules for writing a Constructor.

·        Types of Constructors.

·        Constructor Overloading.

·        'this' keyword importance.

·        how to call the constructor by using this keyword.

15. Types of methods in Java.

·        Examples on Static and Factory methods.

16. 'Static' keyword importance.

·        Difference b/w instance block and static block and constructor.

17. Inheritance in Java.

·        Types of Inheritances.

·        Example on Inheritance.

·        Calling default Constructor from the base class.

·        Calling parameterized Constructor from the base class.

18. 'Super' keyword importance.

·        Calling super class datamembers, methods and constructor.

19. 'Final' keyword importance.

·        Need of final keyword at Variable level, Method Level and class level.

20. Polymorphism in Java.

·        Method Overloading.

·        Method Overriding.

21. Abstract classes.

·        Types of classes in Java.

·        How to create Abstract classes.

·        Examples on Abstract classes.

22. Interfaces.

·        Similarities b/w Abstract classes and interfaces.

·        Dis-Similarities b/w Abstract classes and interfaces.

·        How to create interface.

·        Achieving Multiple Inheritance using interfaces.


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