Course Duration:3 Months

Course Details

Course Contents: 1. Introduction to MSBI and Data warehouse concepts Definition of Data Warehouse Why Data Warehouse DWH Architecture Master Data Transaction Data Dimension Table Fact Table OLTP(Online Transaction Processing System) OLAP(Online Analytical Processing System) 2. SQL Server SQL Basics Constrains Joins Working with Data String Functions Date Functions Aggregate Functions Identity Temp Table, Table Variable CTE(Common Table Expression) Sub Queries Operators Case Statements While Loop and If else Statements Views Stored procedures Functions Cursor Triggers Indexes Exception Handling 3. SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Introduction of SSIS BIDS(Business Intelligence Development Studio) Components of SSIS Control Flow Items For Loop Container For each Loop Container Sequence Container Bulk Insert Task Data Flow Task Execute SQL Task Execute Package Task Execute Process Task FTP Task File System Task Script Task Send Mail Task Data Flow Items Data Flow Sources OLE DB Source Flat File Source Excel Source Data Flow Transformations Aggregate Audit Character Map Conditional Split Copy Column Data Conversion Derived Column Lookup Fuzzy Lookup Fuzzy Grouping Merge Merge Join Multicast SCD(Slowly Changing Dimension) Sort Union All Data Flow Destinations OLE DB Destination Excel Destination Flat File Destination SQL Server Destination Variables Loggings Configurations Package Deployment Scheduling SSIS Packages SSIS Package Tuning 4. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Core Components of SSRS Reports Types of Reports Basic SSRS Report Data Sources and Shared Data Sources Datasets and Shared Datasets Report Parameters Cascading parameters Drill down Report. Report Formatting Custom Expressions Drill Through Report Ad-Hoc Reporting with Report Builder Report Model Projects Subscriptions Report Manager and Report Server Report Security Improving Report Performance 5. SSAS (SQL Server Analytical Services) Definition of Cube Advantage of Cube Star and snowflake schema Dimensions and Dimension Types Measures and Measure Types Fact Table and Types Data Source DSV(Data Source View) Hierarchy and Types Cube Structure Dimension Usage and Relationships Calculations Partitions KPIs Actions Aggregations Perspectives Translations Browser Storage Models (ROLAP,MOLAP and HOLAP) 6. MDX (Multi Dimensional Expressions) Retrieving Cube data using MDX Hierarchy Sets Tuples Calculated Member Basic MDX Functions PARANT and CHILDREN Functions LAG and LEAD Functions TIME Functions PARALLELPERIOD Function YTD , QTD , MTD and WTD MDX Calculations.

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