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CCNA Training Syllabus Internetworking Review Network Reference Models (OSI model review, Data Encapsulation/decapsulation, The Cisco Three-Layer Model)LAN and WAN Cabling Specifications (Ethernet media connections 10Base and 100Base media types, Cabling Devices RJ-45, straight-through, cross over and roll-over cables, serial transmissions, WAN connector types, DCE/DTEs) Networking Devices and Cisco Products (Router, Switch and Hub device review, Collision and Broadcast Domains, Selecting Cisco Devices, Routers, Switches, Hubs) Switch Technology Switch fundamentals (Bridges vs. Switches , Learning, forwarding, filtering, LAN switch types - Store & forward, Cut through, fragment free)Spanning Tree Protocol (Network redundancy, Loop avoidance with spanning tree protocol, STP port states, root bridge, designated bridge, etc.)Cisco IOS Basics (Using the Command Line Interface (CLI),Getting help, using show commands, Accessing different privileged modes) Catalyst 1900 Switch Configuration Commands (Configuring the switch device for Hostname, IP address, etc., Hands on lab activities using the CCNA e-trainer program) Virtual LANS (VLANs) Defining VLAN Components (Describe VLAN technology, Static vs. Dynamic VLANs membership, Frame Tagging and Inter-Switch Link Protocol, Trunking, and VLAN Trunking Protocol, VTP modes of operation, Routing between VLANs) Configuring VLANs Reviewing VLAN configuration Router IOS Router Components, the Boot Sequence, and Basic Setup (Managing a Cisco Internetwork, Router boot, and Configuration registry numbers)Router Commands and Configuration (Config and IOS Management Commands, Using the Router IOS, setting up a Cisco Router, Accessing the CLI and Privileged modes, Configuration modes and Interfaces and subinterfaces configuration, Setting passwords, banners, hostnames)Configuration and IOS Administration (View router config, backup IOS with TFTP)Documenting a Network with CDP (Use Cisco Discovery Protocol to locate neighbors) IP Protocol Suite TCP/IP Review (TCP/IP and the DOD models, Port number assignments, UDP, TCP and IP header information, ICMP, ARP and RARP operations)IP Addressing (Binary/Decimal Conversions, Address classes)Subnetting (why subnetting, defining networks and hosts, subnetting process)Configuring IP (IP address, subnet mask and default gateway settings on switch and router) IP Routing Routing Overview (The routing process, default and static routing, using routing protocols - distance vector, link-state, hybrid) RIP (RIP overview, configuring and verifying RIP) IGRP (IGRP overview, configuring and verifying IGRP)Internetwork Connectivity (Build a host table, Telneting to another device, using trace and ping commands) The IPX Protocol IPX Overview (RIP and SAP, IPX addressing, encapsulation methods)Configuring IPX on a Router (addressing, routing, encapsulation types, load balancing)Verifying IPX Configuration (Showing and verify IPX config, routing tables) Access Lists Access List Overview (standard vs. extended, inbound vs. outbound, syntax, guidelines)IP Access Lists (Standard & Extended IP access lists, controlling telnet access) IPX Access Lists (Standard & Extended IPX access lists) Wide Area Networking Protocols WAN Overview (WAN connection types, HDLC review) PPP (PPP review with authentication methods) ISDN (ISDN review and terminal types, BRI vs. PRI) Wide Area Networking Protocols ISDN (Dial on Demand Routing DDR)Frame Relay Connections (Frame Relay terminology, encapsulation, DLCIs and LMI, Creating sub interfaces on the router, mapping Frame Relay interfaces)

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