Course Details

Android / Mobile App Development

Core Java Concepts (20 Hrs)

1.     Introduction to Java

·         History of Java

·         Features of Java

2.     Overview of Java

·         OOP’s Concept

·         Data types and Variables

·         Operators

·         Control Structures

·         Strings

·         Arrays

3.     Objects and Classes

·         Object, Classes and Methods

·         Method Overloading

·         Constructors

·         Garbage Collection

4.     Inheritance

·         Types of Inheritance

·         Method Overriding

·         Dynamic method dispatch

5.     Packages and Interfaces

·         Defining Packages

·         Extending Interfaces

6.     Exception Handling

·         Fundamentals of Exception Handling

·         Exception types

·         Try and Catch and finally

·         Multiple Catch

·         Nested Try Statements

·         Throw , throws

·         Custom Exception

7.     Collections Framework

·         Collection Interfaces and Classes

·         Iterators

·         Comparators

8.     Multithreading

·         Life cycle of Thread

·         Thread priority

Android / Mobile Application Development (50 Hrs)

1.     Android Basics

·         Android Overview

·         Android Environment Setup

·         Android Architecture

·         Simple Hello World Example

·         Explain Android Application Folder Structures

2.     Android User Interface

·         Android SDK Overview

o    Explain the Application structure

o    different folders created for simple Android Application Project

o    Explain about different xml files used in Android Application

·         Explain AndroidMainifest.xml file

o    Configuring the Android Manifest File

o    Managing your App Identity

o    Registering Activities and other App Component

o    Use of Permissions

o    Other Manifest settings

·         Android UI Layout

o    Linear Layout

o    Grid Layout

o    Relative Layout

o    Frame Layout

·         Android UI Controls

o    Text View

o    Edit Text

o    Auto Complete Text View

o    Button

o    Image Button

o    Check Box

o    Toggle Button

o    Radio Button

o    Progress Bar

o    Spinner

o    Time Picker

o    Date Picker

3.     Android Advanced Concepts

·         Use of Camera

·         Use of Bluetooth

4.     Some Useful Examples

o    How you can make your app to support multiple devices 3

o    Android Best Practices 25

·         Android styles

o    Use of Styles

o    Style Inheritance

o    Android Themes


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