Course Duration:2 Months

Course Details

Python Programming

Course Content

1.     An Introduction to Python

·         Why Python , its Unique Feature and where to use it?

·         Python environment Setup

·         Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy

·         Start programming on interactive shell.

·         Python Identifiers, Keywords

·         Discussion about installed module s and packages

·         Access Command line arguments within programs

2.     Conditional Statement ,Loops and File Handling

·         Python Data Types and Variable

·         Condition and Loops in Python

·         Decorators

·         Python Modules & Packages

·         Python Files and Directories manipulations

·         Use various files and directory functions for OS operations

3.     Python Core Objects and Functions

·         Built in modules (Library Functions)

·         Numeric and Math’s Module

·         String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple

·         Complex Data structures in Python

·         Arbitrary data types and their Data Structure

·         Python built in function

·         Python user defined functions

·         Python packages and functions

·         The anonymous Functions - Lambda Functions

4.     Object Oriented Python

·         OOPs Concepts

·         Object , Classes and Destroying Objects

·         Accessing attributes,Built-In Class Attributes

·         Inheritance and Polymorphism

·         Overriding Methods,Data Hiding

·         Overloading Operators

5.     Exception Handling in Python

·         Exceptions Handling

·         Handling various exceptions using try....except...else

·         Try-finally clause

·         Argument of an Exception and create self exception class

·         Python Standard Exceptions

·         Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions 

6.     Debugging Python Programs

·         Debug Python programs using pdb debugger

·         Assert for debugging

·         Testing with Python using UnitTest

·         Iterable and generator in Python

·         Yielding from the generators

·         Standard project setup in Python

7.     Regular Expression

·         Regular Expressions

·         What are regular expressions?

·         The match and search Function

·         Compile and matching

·         Matching vs searching

·         Search and Replace feature using RE

·         Extended Regular Expressions

·         Wildcard characters and work with them

8.     Multithreading

·           Multithreading with Python

·         What is multithreading?

·         Starting a New Thread

·         The Threading Module

·         Synchronizing Threads

9.     Package Installation and Windows spreadsheet parsing

·         What is pip, easy_install? 

·         Set up the environment to install packages?

·         Install packages for XLS interface, Database Interface and Web interface

·         XML and XLS parsing with Python

·         Create XLS reports with Python

10.  Database Handling

·         Python MySQL Database Access

·         Create Database Connection

·         DML and DDL Operations with Databases

·         Performing Transactions

·         Handling Database Errors

·         Disconnecting Database

11.  Django Framework

·         Basic of Django Framework & its uses

·         Installation and setting up Django

·         Syntax and URL

·         Testing

·         Deploying Django Framework

12.  Flask Framework &TkInter GUI Framework

·         Overview of Flask Framework

·         Installation of Flask and Demo Application

·         Overview of TkInter Framework

·         Tkinter Widgets

Hands-on Experience on Industry Project, Resume Formation and Interview Tips 

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