Course Duration:1 Month

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CORE PYTHON Introduction To Python • Installation and Working with Python • Understanding Python variables and Data Types • Python basic Operators • Understanding python blocks Python Program Flow Control • If • If- else • Nested if-else • For • While • Nested Loops • Break • Continue • Pass String Manipulation • Accessing Strings • Basic Operations • String slices • Function and Methods Lists • Introduction • Accessing list • Operations • Working with lists • Function and Methods Tuple • Introduction • Accessing tuples • Operations • Working • Functions and Methods Dictionaries • Introduction • Accessing values in dictionaries • Working with dictionaries • Properties • Functions Functions • Defining a function • Calling a function • Types of functions • Function Arguments • Anonymous functions • Global and local variables Modules • Importing module • Math module • Random module • Packages • Composition Input-Output • Printing on screen • Reading data from keyboard • Opening and closing file • Reading and writing files • Functions Exception Handling • Exception • Exception Handling • Except clause • Try ? finally clause • User Defined Exceptions ADVANCE PYTHON OOPs concept • Class and object • Attributes • Inheritance • Overloading • Overriding • Data hiding Regular expressions • Match function • Search function • Matching VS Searching • Modifiers • Patterns Database • Introduction • Connections • Executing queries • Transactions • Handling error Networking • Socket • Socket Module • Methods • Client and server • Internet modules Multithreading • Thread • Starting a thread • Threading module • Synchronizing threads • Multithreaded Priority Queue GUI Programming • Introduction • Tkinter programming • Tkinter widgets CGI • Introduction • Architecture • CGI environment variable • GET and POST methods • Cookies • File upload • Sending email

About Trainer

Name: Rajashekar Pothu, Qualification:MCA About: Rajashekar holds master degree in computer application-from Einstein Pg College affiliated with Osmania University .His background lies in designing, developing, and implementing training programs and instructional materials to facilitate staff and management education and knowledge across a variety of technical topics. Instructing students in group environments, via web-based trainings, or in one-on-one meetings. Leveraging exceptional technical skills to oversee all phases of software projects and effectively solve business challenges. Demonstrating superior interpersonal, communication, and leadership abilities. During his last 4 years involved in developing IEEE Academic project using different programing language like java, python in different domains like cloud computing, Data Mining ,and machine-learning ,AI. His ability to explain complex technology in easily understandable terms. During his experience he did workshops latest technologies and webinars. Rajashekar as Trainer: All workshops he trained like cloud computing,Data Mining ,with java/python.he handled more than 200+ IEEE Academic projects .He trained more than 2k+ studentns. And he conducted workshops on mobile app implementation Certification: Certified from Microsoft on Introduction to Java Programming Personal skills:-  Positive attitude, Dedicated, Hardworking  Effective communication skills  Good managerial skills

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