Course Duration:2 Months

Course Details

  Python and Advance Python Course


Session 1

Python Introduction and Getting Started

Ø  Introduction to the Python programming language.

Ø  Introduces Python's basic data types, files, functions, and error handling.

Ø  Basic Python syntax.

Ø  Reading and Converting User Input, Calculating with Stored Values

Ø  Running a Python script ,python scripts on Unix and Windows

Ø  Python Editors and IDE

Ø  Language Components. (Control flow and Syntax, Intending, if statement ,relational operators ,logical operators ,true or false, Bite Wise Operators , while loop ,break and continue ,for loop)

Ø  A Simple Case study.

Session 2

Sequence Container andCollection Framework

Ø  Collections (Introduction ,Lists , Tuples ,Sets ,Dictionaries ,Sorting Dictionaries ,Copying Collections , Summary)

Ø  String Formatting and String Operations

Ø  Writing Lists and Tuples

Ø  Functions for Sequences

Ø  Some Other Functions and Methods to Work with Sequences

Ø  Slices With a Stride: Skipping Around Sequences

Ø  Manipulating Lists and Tuples

Ø  List comprehensions

Ø  Sets and Dicts

Ø  Working With Sets and Dicts

Ø  Applying Dicts: Counting Words

Ø  A More Complex Application: Word Pair Frequencies

Ø  Python Debugging mechanism

Session 3

Deep Dive-Working with different types of file and file operations and Regular Expressions

Ø  Reading and Writing Files(Flat files,CSV files, Excel files,Xml file,JSON files)

Ø  Parsing different types of XML file using python ElementTree

Ø  Appending to a File and Seeking to Arbitrary Positions

Ø  Parsing Techniques for large files.

Ø  Regular Expressions : Match Function ,Search Function, Matching VS Searching

Ø  Modifiers and Patterns in Regular expressions.

Session 4

Modules, Functions

Ø  Installing different inbuilt packages and modules as per the project requirement(pywinauto, pywin32,, MySQL-python, ftputil-2.2.3, PY2EXE)

Ø  Standard modules(Importing Module ,Math Module ,Random Module ,Packages , Composition )

Ø  Functions (Parameters ,Functional Documentation ,Keyword and Optional Parameters , Passing Collections to  a Function , Variable Number Of Arguments , Scope ,Passing Functions to a Function)

Ø  Mapping Functions in a Dictionary ,Lambda ,Closures

Ø  Variable scope and Returning Single Values,Multipel values

Session 5

Errors and Exceptions, logging Mechanism,Archives, import packages and standard libraries

Ø  Handling different Error and Exception to achieve a hassle free Automation.

Ø  Handling Multiple Exceptions

Ø  The standard exception hierarchy Using Modules



Ø  Writing your own exception classes.

Ø  Designing a Custom logger mechanism to record the automation script flow.

Ø  Launching external programs

Ø  Reading and Writing Archives Using tar file and zip file

Ø  Creating a Recent File Archiver

Ø  Operating System related task(STDIO,All System command),Walking Directory, Random Numbers, Dates and Times

Session 6

Object Oriented Programming in Python and Apply multi-threading and multiprocessing to Python development

Ø  Introduction To python Classes

Ø  Defining Classes ,Initializes

Ø  Instance Methods, Properties

Ø  Class methods and data , Static methods ,private methods and Inheritance

Ø  Polymorphism

Ø  Threads and processes

Ø  The Threading Library Module

Ø  Thread synchronization

Ø  The queue Standard Library

Ø  The multiprocessing Library Module

Ø  A multiprocessing worker process pool

Project: A Real time case study by using Class and multithreading concept

Session 7

OS Module, Network Programming and Designing a standalone automation Tool

Ø  The Environment

Ø  Launching Commands and Creating a process

Ø  Directory Commands

Ø  Other Process Methods and File Information (METADATA)

Ø  Miscellaneous OS Calls and Walking through Directories

Ø  Network programming and Introduction

Ø  The Client and server Program Evaluation Client and Server

Ø  create a stand-alone binary through python

Ø  Running python programs in a Schedulers and by creating windows services.

    Project Work:Designing a Real-time standalone tool through Python

Session 8

Python for System and Server Administration

Ø  Introduction about Dell and NetApp ESX server.

Ø  How to Clone ESX imagesand taking a base snapshot through Python.

Ø  Control various function on VM imagesthroughpython

Ø  Automation Script for VM Controller by using Vmrun.exe

Ø  Creating a Watch Dog for Server monitoring


Session 9

Web Scraping,Crawling Data, Working with API, Handling Databases and Electronic Mail Messages in python

Ø  Scraping web based data using urllib2,urlparse,HTMLParser

Ø  RSS Crawlers and Downloading binary files through Python

Ø  Working with various secured third party API’s through python.

Ø  An intro about Relational Database and No SQL Database(MySQL,SQL Server, Mongo DB)

Ø  CRUD Operations

Ø  Use of Inbuilt database modules for MySQL, Sql Server

Ø  Data insertion through Stored procedure, Getting DB Dump

Ø  Alerting E-mails for Critical monitoring services through pythons.

Ø  Generated automated mails for Daily, Weekly and Monthly KPI data.

Ø  Creating database project

Session 10

GUI and Graphics in Python

Ø  Introduction and Components ,Event

Ø  Root Components, Adding Buttons,CheckBox,RadioButtons.

Session 11

Python unit test Framework

Ø  Design Unittest framework through python

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