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Robotics Training In Kolkata


Many multinational software and electronics companies are heading towards robotics as a means for increased production and quality. Robots have an wide range of applications, from "pick and place" for packaging, to welding, or medical instrument parts immediately after a process. However, robots don’t give 100% correct results all the time; they need proper precautionary maintenance to ensure they operate at full capacity. An experienced robotics engineer must know how to troubleshoot the exact cause.

OAASA Technologys offers best Robotics Course in Kolkata. Our 2 month Robotics Engineering course starts from the basics of Robotics programming concepts along with gaining knowledge on Basic Electronics and takes you further into Arduino programming and Logic Building. You will be involved with the most exciting projects and high level of programming in this training session.

You can boost your career and earn a higher salary after successfully completing Robotics Course. Between 2017 and 2022, this field is projected to provide about 30,000 job openings due to a combination of growth.

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Course Overview


  • Robotics Application
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • The Arduino Revolution
  • Board Study and Circuit Fundamentals
  • Building your first Application. Like LED Blinking
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Arduino Application of the day
  • Line Follower
  • RF Controlled 
  • Self-Balancing Robot



NoteAfter Completion of this course, we are offering internship in real time projects & opportunities for Higher studies in European University.


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